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From Martha Swinburne in Hamsterley, County Durham, to Mrs Quincey's house of Green Hey, near Manchester. She shall be pleased to see Miss Quincey, or indeed any of Sally's friends.

When she asked Sally not to talk to anyone about the contents of her husbandes letters [Henry Swinburne the diplomat], she did not intend them to be kept secret from Mrs Quincey or [John] Clowes.

She has heard from two old friends from the days of her convent education in France. One was saved from death only by the fall of Robespierre. Her estate has been restored but her money lost. The other friend was never placed under arrest, and is in possession of her estate. The Lord is to be thanked for their deliverance.

She recalls in detail the executions of king Louis XVI and Marie Antionette, and the desecration by the mob of the body of King Henry IV.

Reference is made to the death of the Emperess of Russia, and fears concerning an outbreak of revolution in Britain.