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To Samuel Wesley senior at Epworth, regretting that his absence from London, prevented him from receiving the letter addressed by his father to himself, and Dr Lupton before yesterday. He has enquired of Mr Hoare, only to find that he is in Durham.

He was sorry to hear about Dr Morley, but it would be best not to speak to Lupton before finding out about scholarships and the possibilty of a fellowship in due course. Otherwise John may as well go to Christ Church or Brazenose, 'where Leyborn may be a good friend to him'. He shall write to Oxford to enquire more fully. Reference is made to Charles being intended for Dublin's Trinity College.

He is very sorry if he has offended his father, and will say only that with regard to the proposed marriage he would have objected to the banns being read, for [Robert] Leyborn's sake. Susanna seems to think that Leyborn had planned to 'debauch Hetty'.

John is with him 'learning Hebrew as fast as he can', and Charles is well. Grandmother can be seen at Kensington on holy days.

In a postscript from Mrs Berry to Susanna Wesley, she complains of poor health.