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To John Wesley at Lincoln College, Oxford, reprimanding him for his failure to inform her of John Whitelamb's scandalous behaviour. Had she been aware of his true character she would never have allowed him to enter the ministry, or continue his relationship with Molly.

After his return to Epworth from Oxford, Whitelamb had told Molly and Kezzy of his new 'doxy', whereupon Susanna had told him to give up the other woman or Molly would be sent away.

At Molly's urging, Whitelamb did terminate the other relationship, and he and Molly were married at Epworth 'full sore against my will'. John should inform Robinson (Whitelamb's 'pimp'), of the marriage and her opposition. Furthermore he should be warned to abandon his wicked ways for it will be 'the free-thinker and the sensualist not the despised Methodist', who will have cause to fear the final judgement.

She agrees with John re virtue and piety, and the views of Mr Law.