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      GB 133 DDWes/4/12
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      GB 135 DDWes/4/12
      GB 135 Wesley Brown Folio 4, page 9.
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      13 Aug 1787

Scope and Content

From Bristol to Sally Wesley in Chesterfield Street, London. He has a quiet comfortable chamber for £10 a year, and cannot help but feel that his 'absence is a greater comfort to you (or rather my sons) than my presence would be'.

Sally's mother is 'inconsiderate', while Charles junior apparently has not £10 to spare for the return journey to Bristol.

Sally's 'swellings' might be removed as well in Bristol as in London, 'if I had 5 guineas to send you'.

She need not worry about the cost of writing as the Methodists pay his postage.

He has dined with her good friends the Williams family. Mrs Stafford is 'patient and resigned', while Mrs Galloway is 'clamorous' for Sally's company - must he tell them that she cannot afford the fare?

She should mention him to Mrs(?) Ward, and those 'few who remember me'.

On Saturday night he experienced a severe pain in his side, and felt close to death. He did not think that he would be able to officiate on Sunday morning, but found his strength returned in to most unexpected degree. His eyes are no longer strong enough to read or write.

Lady G_ and about twenty others would be glad of Sally's company, 'but they do not consider _'. If she learns to live on little then she will be truly independent.

[Publication Record: quoted by Dr Frank Baker in Charles Wesley - As revealed by his Letters, page 116.]