Scope and Content

From Henrietta Fordyce in Bath, Somerset, to Woodstock Street, London, describing in detail her efforts to raise money to provide Mrs Cummyng with a wardrobe for her wedding? into the Jones family. Mr Hay rents a property from Fordyce in Edgeware Road, London, and may be willing to pay the rent in advance, which would solve the problem. Isabella must approach him however, for Fordyce is unwilling to 'ask this of so selfish a man'.

It is ten years since Fordyce purchased a gown for herself.

She supposes that Isabella [Spence] has told Sally of her unfortunate investment of £400 in 'American funds', which is losing her £28 per annum. If Britain and the United States go to war, then it is unlikely that she will ever get her money back. This is at a time when the demands on her generosity are greater than ever.