Scope and Content

From C W [Mrs C Ward?], re Sally's caution to her 'charioteer'.

An unnamed lady has told her that she will engage Sally's brother [Charles?] to teach her music once a fortnight for a guinea a lesson.

She grieves for Sally's friend, who is 'under delusion of a carnal appetite'.

She has told 'L' off for talking in a lewd manner to men, warning her that 'it was a sort of begging for what they would not be backward in giving'. The girl wishes to go abroad, but it is certain that her manners will not improve in another country - 'her natural bent to liberty will as in most of the Italians, branch out into a variety of libertine habits'. The settled life which she so dislikes is the only 'respectable' course. As Sally has observed the girl is a 'little crazede.

C W was sorry to hear of Dr George Gregory's illness.

Martha Swinburne is hopeful that next year Charles, Comte de Artois will occupy the throne of France.

Monsr Bardi de Lensegue is very depressed, although he has been well enough received by the English merchants. He hopes to win a contract to supply the armed forces with 10-20,000 shirts a month. Perhaps Dr Gregory can assist.