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From New Street, near Dorset Square, Marylebone, London, to Mrs Roberts at Stokes Croft near Bristol, thanking her for her letter. She and Charles are very fond of their friends in Bristol, especially the Roberts family, who were held in high regard by their father.

She has acknowledged Mr Hall's gift, and was very obliged for the 'interesting detail of good Mr Cole'.

The death of Mrs Wyndone is described in great detail. Sally was present during her last moments but was too upset to attend the funeral. Mr Wyndone seemed genuinely remorseful for his conduct during the marriage. Sally regarded Mrs Wyndone's experiences as proof of the dangers attendent upon marrying an irreligious man - a trap that Sally herslf almost fell into.

She and Charles hope to be able to visit Bristol in the summer, and will probably stay at Miss Farnham's house.