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      GB 133 DDWes/4/20
  • Former Reference
      GB 135 DDWes/4/20
      GB 135 Wesley Brown Folio 4, page 16.
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      24 Aug 1787

Scope and Content

From Bristol to Sally Wesley. If God intends that they should meet in Bristol, then it shall be so.

Soon Sally shall probably have to act as 'Milton's daughter' [ie act as her father's scribe].

He cannot give up Mrs Bradburn until she is in heaven.

Mr Andrews deserves 'the thanks of the house'.

He has informed Mrs Birkin and Tom Hall of Sally's forthcoming visit.

Would Sally have him hire lodgings for the four of them?, and who is to pay? - a problem that never occurs to Sally's mother. Miss Vinir's(?) house will soon be available for their use.

He must soon give up Sally's mother to the care of Charles junior, and for his own 'share' look after Sally. Samuel must be entrusted to God's care -'we know not for what he is reserved'.

His love should be passed to Molly Wills(?), Adam 'Fount'n', James K, and Mrs Mon(?).

[Publication Record: quoted in Dr Frank Baker's Charles Wesley - As revealed by his Letters page 116. ]