Scope and Content

From Epworth to John Wesley at Lincoln College, Oxford, re Samuel's fear that he will die leaving his Commentary on the Book of Job unfinished.

He is now so weak that he is unable to leave his bed-chamber. He has however been touched by the kindness shown him by many of his parishioners during his long illness.

The books sent by Mr Hale have been distributed among Wesley's visitors, and he has been gratified to learn that they are being read and then passed on to others. The growth in religious feeling is reflected by an increase in the numbers receiving Holy Communion. Wesley himself has been unable to preach or administer the Sacraments but his curate John Whitelamb has not been found wanting.

Technical aspects of the printing of the Commentary on the Book of Job are discussed in detail, with much being left to John's discretion. Samuel would like the work to be dedicated to Lord Oxford.

In a postscript the death of Mr Whiteley is mentioned with the comment that he will not be missed.