Christie Hospital: miscellaneous documents and records

Scope and Content

1. Two early black and white postcards of Christie Hospital, one showing Ward 3 and the other showing an entrance portico to one of the Christie buildings. Undated. With a letter from Mrs E.M Proctor of Chesham, Bucks, enclosing the postcards and stating that her mother-in-law Mrs Bertha Procter was a patient at Christie in the early 1930s.

2. Two b& w photographs of an unidentified piece of equipment.

3. Two b& w photographs of equipment at Christie, one showing the Control desk for the 4-MeV Orthotron and the other unidentified.

4. Brass printing plate of a photograph of a gentleman having radium applied to his face.

5. Brass printing plate of an unidentified woman reading in a chair [Edith Paterson?].