Christie Hospital: miscellaneous documents and records

Scope and Content

1. The Treatment of Malignant Disease by Radiotherapy by Ralston Paterson (2nd edition, 1963).

2. Volume: “The Results of Radium and X-ray Therapy in Malignant Disease. Second Statistical Report from the Holt Radium Institute, Manchester, 1934-1938. Compiled 1945” (1946).

3. File: “Central Medical War Committee 1939-1948” containing Ministry of Health circulars and correspondence relating to medical and hospital appointments during wartime. 1940-1948.

4. File: “Incorporation”. Correspondence, memoranda and other material relating to the amalgamation of Christie Hospital and the Radium Institute. 1942-194 6.

5. File: “25 Palatine Road” containing correspondence and other material relating to the purchase of property at 25, Palatine Road. 1947. .