Christie Hospital: miscellaneous documents and records

Scope and Content

1. Booklet: “Radiation Emanation Apparatus” and inside: “An Apparatus for extracting and purifying Radon (Radium emanation), 1927.

2. Mule Spinners Cancer: Epithelioma of the skin in cotton spinners by E.M. Brockbank, 1941.

3. Glossy booklet: “Paterson Laboratories” containing colour illustrations and written commentary. 1967.

4. Brown envelope addressed to Brian Fox and containing 5 black and white photographs sent to him by Mrs May Attewell of Moreton in Marsh, Gloucestershire. Subject of photographs is a group of young woman c. 1940s. The women are drinking tea and sharing a picnic. One photograph shows a nurse holding a baby, and in two smaller group photographs of nurses, one is holding a baby in each. There is what is possibly a Christie building in the background. The photographs were sent to Brian Fox with a poem card, sent to May Attewell by “Josephine” dated 24th July 1946 and annotated “To Dear Mary, In happy rem. of the dear old radio unit. Josephine”. Therefore, the women pictured are possibly nurses from the Radio.Unit at Christie.

5. Typed notes: “ 13. Chronology of events 1851-1995". History of Christie. No name.

6. Ring binder containing obituaries of leading Christie staff.

7. What is the Root Cause of Cancer? Is it the excessive consumption of common salt, salted food and salt compounds? by Frederick T. Marwood, 2nd edition. No date.

8. File: “Publicity 1946-1948” containing correspondence relating to advertising, appeals, posters etc. 1945-1948.

9. File: “City of Manchester: North West Cancer Scheme” containing memorandum re cancer organisation for the area, requirements for the development of a Cancer Act plan for this area, memorandum of a conference held in the Public Health Committee Room, Manchester, 18th April 1945, on the subject of the Cancer Act 1939. Various memos and correspondence relating to the devising of cancer treatment schemes for the area, 1945-1946.

10. File: No title. Containing typed reminiscences on Christie during war-time entitled “Mine-Kampf or What I did in the War!” by an unidentified person.

11 Booklet: Nuffield Provincial Hospitals Trust: “The Hospital Surveys: the Domesday Book of the Hospital Services” 1946.