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From Samuel Walter in Slaithwaite to Mary Tooth in Madeley. He is very pleased to inform her of the safe arrival of volume 1 of the memoirs of Mary Fletcher. He is very thankful for the gift and will certainly recommend it, not only because of the esteem that he has for Fletcher's memory, but also for the blessings that it contains and the money that its sale raises for the cause of the Gospel.

Mrs Walter has just returned from Buxton where she spent a month. She found the spa waters most beneficial.

Tooth can rest assured that Walter feels a 'union of spirit' with the people of Madeley and that every account of their spiritual prosperity warms his heart. He hopes that his 'feeble labours' here are in some measure useful. His congregations continue to be large and he feels that God has done much for him. Spiritual matters are discussed, with particular reference to his time as a curate in Madeley. He hopes to be able to make a visit to Madeley next year, but he is sure of nothing in 'this state of uncertainty'.

Walter has heard that [Melville] Horne is going, or has gone to Liverpool. He did not see him while he was in Yorkshire, as some distance was involved.

His love should be passed to all his friends in Madeley. His wife joins in sending respects to Tooth and her sister [Rosamund].

In a postscript, Walter lists several typographic errors in the Fletcher biography.