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From Diana Thomas in Kington to Mary Tooth at the Vicarage in Madeley. Ever since she heard of the death of 'that Mother in Israel and light in a tomb' Mary Fletcher, Thomas has wanted to write to Tooth for information about 'her departure out of this vale of tears'. When Thomas read Tooth's letter on the subject published in the Methodist Magazine, she found that a blessing and she has re-read it many times since and read it out to many other people. 'I can truly say it has been made a blessing'. Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

'I feel for you on account of your great loss ... you will meet with opposition in your public labours as some men are much against women exercising in any public way, I know this from experience; however, hitherto the Lord has helped me ...' Thomas would be very grateful to receive a few lines from Tooth as to how she is coping and where she intends to reside.

When will Mary Fletcher's life be published? Thomas heard some time ago that she gave it to the Anglican minister John Eyton of Wellington, 'but not till after she had kindly offered it to Mr [Joseph] Benson [editor of the Methodist Magazine].

Thomas' health and strength has increased a little - it is a miracle when one considers how sick she was. 'When He prevents me from labouring I am satisfied - but I cannot [do] that in the case of when man prevents me - I am now enabled to speak a little in public some times, but I dont go now far from home.