Scope and Content

From Abraham Watmough at Wellington to Mary Tooth in Madeley. Tooth's copy of volume 7 of The Christian Library has just been delivered to Watmough by Tooth's friend - he is very grateful for her borrowing him this book. He is equally obliged for her invitation to come to Madeley. However, he is unable to say when he will be able to accept the offer as Watmough and his wife have just returned from a fortnight spent visiting friends in Rochdale. During his absence, his little flock here in this circuit were without a shepherd.

Also, there are other circumstances existing (though not at Madeley), 'which would lead me to wish as a matter of prudence not to preach at the present in your circuit [Broseley], if I were to come over. This you will not attribute any unwilling[ness] in me to cast in my two mites into the treasury of exhortaters which you have among you; neither on the other hand, would I wish to seem forward or to recommend myself in the eyes of any.'

They would be pleased to hear how Tooth is, both in soul and body, and how things are in Madeley. Spiritual matters are discussed, with particular regard to Watmough's own spiritual state.

If Tooth is unable to pay them a visit (which would be very beneficial to the people here), they would be very pleased to receive a few lines. Watmough's wife sends her regards.