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From Samuel Walter at Slaithwaite near Huddersfield to Mary Tooth at the house of Mr Good at Lench[?] Street, Birmingham. Any communication from the place that was for so many years 'the seal of my labours is gratifying'. The receipt of Tooth's letter was therefore very pleasing. It has been two years since he was there last, but his regard for 'the dear people' is undiminished ... I have a hope that I shall meet a few above ... I often bear them on my heart and feel a particular union of spirit with them at the time of our Sabbath exercises.' Spiritual matters are further discussed in detail.

It has been trying times for some weeks - both his wife and S.N. [?] have been ill with scarlet fever and while S.N.[?] is much better, Mrs Walters continues ill with rhumatism. They are considering her going to Buxton to take the waters there, which are supposed to be very beneficial.

Povery and distress are still affecting Yorkshire and Shropshire. It is worrying that disaffection is so widespread. This place is so close to Manchester that some of the unrest in that place is discernable here also, so that a number of special constables have had to be sworn in both here and in adjacent villages - more than 30 have been enrolled here. They patrol at night and require the public houses[?] to close at 10 during the week and 9 on Sundays. Walter takes his turn with them and thinks that the scheme is working. The magistrates sanction the extra security and bills have been posted warning the public. Robberies and burglaries have increased and someone from this place has been recently executed for burglery.

Walter's congregation keeps up and several people attend from distant places. He recently preached a Sunday School sermon at a neighbouring church and he is engaged next Sunday to preach a 'Bible sermon' at another place.

He was grateful for the offer of the biography of Mary Fletcher. He is sure that its perusal will be most beneficial. He often thinks of her and her many valuable sayings.

In a postscript, Walter adds that the Fletcher volume can be sent on the Manchester coach from Birmingham directed to Reverend Samuel Walter.