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From Charity Tilbury at Vauxhall, London, to John Fletcher at Madeley. He received his letter and was pleased to read that he is in good health, as is Tilbury. He would have been pleased to see Fletcher at Vauxhall, but providence carried Fletcher another way. He was also pleased that Mr Brown was so useful to Fletcher's parish in his absence.

Sometime before Whitsun, Tilbury was much engaged in prayer for Fletcher and his flock. He fasted all Whitsun week and prayed that the day of pentecost would be granted to them. "It was an extraordinary day for my own soul". He prayed that he might hear from Fletcher for he longed to know how God had visited his Church, and sure enough Fletcher wrote. It was by God's providence that the letter arrived for it was dropped in Change Alley and picked up by a gentleman's boy. The gentleman that owned the boy ordered that the letter be sent on by the penny post.

Spiritual matters are discussed in detail, with particular regard to the doctrine of perfection.

Tilbury has heard that Fletcher is a gifted artist "and can draw delightful things to please the eye and heart of man. God give you grace and so much skill to draw Jesus before the heart of man". Spiritual matters are discussed in detail.

His love should be passed to Mary Griffiths and all who ask after him