Scope and Content

From Samuel Walter at Slaithwaite near Huddersfield to Mary Tooth at Madeley Vicarage. He has just now heard the news of Mrs Fletcher's death - the letter took a long time to arrive. He finds that he cannot possibly reach Madeley before Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and no doubt the funeral will have taken place by then.

Their condolences are mingled with those of their Madeley friends. He understands that Tooth would like him to be present at the funeral and he will certainly make every effort to come soon after Christmas Day or New Years Day. He will only be able to stay for a few days.

Spiritual matters are discussed.

In a postscript, Walter asks that Tooth inform his father of his intentions - as this letter will reach her quicker than he can let his father know. He would dearly love to receive a letter from Tooth giving an account of Fletcher's final illness.