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From G. Whitmore at Cotsbrook to Mrs Perks. She would be grateful if Perks could provide some information concerning Margaret Child, who Whitmore met at Perks' house on the occasion of her last visit to Madeley. The principal question is, has she become truly religious? Whitmore would be glad to assist her in 'getting a service and we have a friend who wants a nursery maid, but as I could not from my former knowledge of Margaret venture to recommend her, I wish, before I mention the place to her, to know whether she does appear to have experienced a real change of heart.' She seems qualified for the position in other respects, but their friends want to employ a 'truly converted person'. Whitmore would therefore be very grateful for Perks' opinion of Margaret's spiritual state. Also, if Perks knows of anyone else who she could recommend as a nurse, Whitmore would be pleased to be informed of it. The successful applicant would also be required to clean the nursery 'and to wait upon a young lady who has the care of the children, and would have good wages.' If Perks thinks that Margaret Child can be depended upon, and has a good enough state of health to cope with the position, Whitmore would prefer to put her name forward 'for old acquaintance sake', but wants Perks' candid opinion of her spiritual state first