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From Samuel Walter to Mary Tooth at Madeley. He was very pleased to find that the work of God still prospers in Madeley. Since his return he has heard of the deaths of his two friends Mrs Janlow and Mrs Hughes. He has no doubt that they 'ended well' - perhaps Tooth could favour him with a short account of their deaths.

Walter spoke to the Huddersfield preachers respecting Mary Fletcher's legacy and urged them to promote its circulation. The Huddersfield Methodists have been lately building a large chapel - Walter thinks that they have spent more than is necessary. Many of the Methodists here have lost their 'former spirit of plainness and simplicity - and seem to wish to vie with others. I believe however the work of God prospers among them in these parts.'

Trade here is very depressed; work is scarce and wages are low. May the people turn away from sin and towards God !. However, the Bible society prospers.

Mrs Walter is as usual - she intends visiting Liverpool again in August.