Return of Fines for Chadlington Division

Scope and Content

Return for June; Henry Milling, trespass in pursuit of game; Frederick Warr, unlawfully taking toll; Joseph Rathbone, trespass in pursuit of game; James Rathbone, trespass in pursuit of game; William Tymms, unjust measures; Mark Pratt, unjust measures; John Perkins, unjust measures; Thomas Well, unjust measures; William Smith, assault; Emanuel Smith, assault; Sydney Smith, camping on Turnpike road; Prudence Buckland, camping on Turnpike road; John Brown, drunkenness; Isaac Plumb, drunkenness; William Heritage, drunkenness; Charles Marles, drunkenness; George Hayward, drunkenness; Jane Withers, assault; James Hiorns, drunkenness; William Davis, taking eggs; Charles Burnham, taking eggs; Thomas Sherborne, taking eggs; Thomas Smith, taking eggs; Noah James, taking eggs; George Wiggins, taking eggs; John Bond, taking eggs; William Pearce, taking eggs; James Elton, drunkenness