Scope and Content

Schuster's correspondence is wide-ranging, and relates to both his academic career and personal life. There is correspondence relating to the running of the department of physics at Owens College/University of Manchester, including the opening of the new Physical Laboratories in 1900, and his resignation as professor in 1906. Schuster's correspondence with Ernest Rutherford, his successor as professor of physics at Manchester, also includes information on the Department. There is correspondence relating to Schuster' s activities in the wider world of science, including with the Royal Society, and as an adviser to the Scott Polar Institute, as well as relating to his many public appointments and awards.


The series is subdivided into:

  • SCH/B/1 - Academic and scientific correspondence
  • SCH/B/2 - Felix Schuster correspondence
  • SCH/B/3 - Correspondence and documents relating to the opening of the Owens College Physical Laboratories, 1900
  • SCH/B/4 - Harald Schutz correspondence
  • SCH/B/5- Scott Polar Institute correspondence
  • SCH/B/6 - Correspondence relating to Schuster's appointments, honorary posts and degrees.
  • SCH/B/7 - Ernest Rutherford correspondence
  • SCH/B/8 - Correspondence re. resignation as professor of physics
  • SCH/B/9 - Royal Society correspondence
  • SCH/B/10 - Miscellaneous correspondence