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Scope and Content

  • MS 329/1/1-2;MSM Track charts (2), 1954-1955 [Including survey of Mawson (Mac Robertson Land, Antarctica) and vicinity, 1954 and running survey of the Amery ice shelf (Antarctica)] 3 sheets
  • MS 329/2/1-6;MSM Maps (6), 1954-1955 [Copies of H E Hansen's charts (1946) used as plotting charts]
  • MS 329/3;MSM Map, 1954-1955 [Part of Mac-Robertson Land]
  • MS 331/1-6;MSM Charts (6), 1956 [Made after the voyage of Kista Dan]
  • MS 365/1-2;MSM Ship track charts (2), 1956-1957 [Made on voyages of Kista Dan, 19656-1957 and 1957]
  • MS 381/1-2;MSM Track charts (2), January to March 1957 [Showing soundings made during voyage of Kista Dan] 2 sheets
  • MS 516/1-2;MSM Track charts (2), 1959 [Made on voyage of Thala Dan] 2 sheet
  • MS 517/1-7;MSM Track charts (7), 1959 [Made by Megga Dan] 7 sheets
  • MS 534/1-2;MSM Track charts (2), 1960 [Soundings made by Thala Dan] 2 sheets
  • MS 535/1-10;MSM Track charts (10), 1960 [Made by Megga Dan]
  • MS 597/1-11;MSM Charts (11), 1961 [Soundings made by Thala Dan and Megga Dan off Australian Antarctic Territory and Terre Adelie] 11 sheets
  • MS 669/1-7;MSM Track charts (7), 1962-1963 [Made by Thala Dan, 1962-1963 and Nella Dan, 1963]
  • MS 332/1-4;HP Special sleeping hut plans (Mark IV), 1964 [Including elevations, furniture and other details, constructed at Mawson] 4 sheets, photocopies
  • MS 701/1-3;MSM Charts (3), January to March 1964 [Soundings in the Southern Ocean made by Nella Dan] 3 sheets, dyeline prints
  • MS 723/1-8:MSM Track charts (8), 1964-1965 [Soundings in the Southern Ocean by Nella Dan (3) and Thala Dan (5)] 8 sheets, dyeline prints

Administrative / Biographical History

The collection shows track charts for the Antarctic voyages of the Kista Dan, Thala Dan and Megga Dan as well as maps of Mac-Robinson Land, Antarctica and plans for the hut at the Mawson base.



Related Material

See SPRI collection GB 15 Niles Lied for information on the expedition to Heard Island in 1951.

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