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The Oxford Association of University Women was established in 1913, and was part of the larger British Federation of University Women. The Oxford branch changed their name to the 'Oxford Association of Graduate Women' in 1992, in recognition that not all graduates gained their qualifications from a university.

In addition to representing women graduates in all stages of their careers, the Association also aimed to promote education, training and research and widen opportunities for women's education around the world. The Oxford Association was particularly proactive in this latter aim through its ongoing finanical assistance of a series of schoolgirls from Uganda and Zimbabwe (see O42/C1/1-8 and O42/PR1/1) to enable them to complete their education.

The Oxford Association of Graduate Women closed in 1999 due to falling membership.

This collection was deposited in July 2006 and assigned accession number 5552. Catalogued in June 2015 by Hannah Jones.

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