Hopkinson to Bailey, 2 Feb 1960

Scope and Content

Letter explaining that he would be willing to stay at Drum with a salary of £4,000 for a further six months or a year, with three months notice on either side. If J.R.A. Bailey does not agree to pay that salary he will be leaving by the end of March. He includes a response to the memorandum, in which he argues against the figures on circulation Bailey gave and against his suggestion of replacing Ian Berry for a non-white cameraman. On Ian Berry: '[He] is a cameraman of great brilliance and technical accomplishment who has achieved, during the time he has worked on Drum, an international reputation. His market value today is at least half as much again as the £105 a month Drums pays him... You expect a Paris-March at the cost of a parish magazine, and an Ian Berry for the salary of an Ernest Cole.'