Typescripts of poems published in 'Wave' No. 4, each with a covering letter from the author unless otherwise indicated

Scope and Content


a) 'Coming Back to Cambridge', 'Theme with Variations' and 'Postcard from a Daughter', by Anne Stevenson (No letter)

b) 'Midnight and We're Waiting' (ms.), by Iain Crichton Smith

c) 'Some Trust the Insurance Man', by Sydney Tremayne (No letter)

d) 'The Box', by Jean Overton Fuller

e) 'Arthur's Seat', by Alan Bold

f) 'Trailer' and 'Miracles' by Daniel Abse (2 Letters)

g) 'Your Grandmother's Mark', 'Epitaph on Phyromachus' and 'War', by Edward Lucie - Smith

h) 'Zoo People', 'Frigate Bird', 'An Office Romance' and 'A Visiting Poet', by Philip Hobsbaum

i) 'Bestialry' by Maureen Duffy

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