Typescripts of poems published in 'Wave' No. 5, each with a covering letter from the author unless otherwise indicated

Scope and Content


a) 'Graves', 'The Shadows' and 'On the Coast of Pembrokeshire', by John Press

b) 'Saddleworth' and 'Moor Grass' by Glyn Hughes

c) 'Passing' by Patience Tuckwell

d) 'Poachers' and 'An Old Captivity', by Sylvia Secker

e) 'The Dalecarlian Wall - Paintings', by J.D. Beardsley (2 letters)

f) 'At the Time', 'Catterline' and 'Obituary Columns', by N.K. Cruikshank

g) 'Object Identified' and 'Nocturnal', by Alan Bold, (No letter)

h) 'A Passion for Knowledge in North Wiltshire', by Joan Barton, (No letter)

i) 'A British Crisis', by Frederick Grubb j) 'A Bottle of Ink' and 'The Last Word', (two versions) by Jon Stallworthy (Letter and postcard)

k) 'Three American Letters', by Anne Stevenson (No letter)

l) 'An Old Woman' and 'The Old Man of Gugh', by Kevin Crossley - Holland. (4 letters)

m) 'Beachcombers' and 'Heads', by J.E. Watmough. (Also letter from D.J. Enright)

n) 'Hockley Brook Lane', 'Battery Child', 'Plum Tree', 'Trees' and 'Leftovers', by Molly Holden

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