Typescripts of poems published in 'Wave' No. 8, each with a covering letter from the author unless otherwise indicated

Scope and Content


a) 'My Cousin Agueda', by Martin Seymour - Smith

b) 'The Park Hotel' and 'To the Memory of Thomas Muir', by Valerie Owen

c) 'Seaside Picnic' and 'A Table of Coincidences', by Peter Porter

d) 'Postcards' and 'Visiting Hour', by Steward Conn

e) 'Variation on a Theme of Cafavy', 'The Bow in the Attic', 'Portrait', 'Park as Cathedral' and 'Then There was One', by H.B. Mallalieu

f) 'Roman Life, Modern Times', by John Lehmann

g) 'Christmas Refectory', 'Sunday', 'The North', 'Stud and the Demi - Monde' and 'Justifying the Deed', by Douglas Dunn

h) 'Creation' and 'Full Moon's Tongue', by Alan Sillitoe

i) 'Demmed Elusive' and 'An unexpected Legacy', by J.C. Hall (2 letters)

j) 'Genoa' and 'Portofino', by J.D. Beardsley

k) 'Total Eclipse', 'Birthday', 'The Hawk North', 'Snow Queen', 'Previous Lives' and 'Visiting Cards', by Edward Lowbury

Conditions Governing Access

Access will be granted to any accredited reader