Typescripts of poems published in 'Wave' No. 7, each with a covering letter from the author unless otherwise indicated

Scope and Content


a) 'On One Held Captive by Urban Guerillas', by John Wain

b) 'Child's Walk', by 'Spencer Park', 'Picture a Father', 'Opened and fastened', 'Driving back' and 'November the first', by P.J. Kavanagh

c) 'Here and Human', by Vernon Scannell

d) 'The Han Princess', by Edwin Morgan

e) 'Nice People', 'Mrs Calprick and the Indian Summer' and 'Displaced Rooks', by Valerie Owen

f) 'An Experiment', 'The Chromosome's Problems' and 'A Word to Swinburne', by Laurence Lerner

g) 'Opera Piece' and 'The Dear Ladies of Cincinnati', by Anne Stevenson

h) 'Structure to "Aside"', 'Structure to "Done"', 'Structure to "Found"' , by John Holloway

i) 'In Gratitude to Virginia Woolf', 'Words from the Underworld', 'The Deepest Darkness' and 'A Race Discovered' by Elizabeth Jennings

j) 'Autobiography', by R.S. Thomas

k) 'The Major: An Epitaph', by Joan Barton

N.B. From 'Lear's Shadow' by Philip Hobsbaum is missing. See U DP/158/9

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