Typescripts of poems published in 'Wave' No. 2, each with a covering letter from the author unless otherwise indicated

Scope and Content


a) 'Dawns', 'Another Aphrodite', and 'After the Protest Meeting', by Laurence Lerner

b) 'A Dream', by George MacBeth (No letter)

c) 'At a Memorial Service' (ms.), by William Plomer

d) 'Destinations', 'In Middle Age', 'Old Boy', 'The Death Beast', and 'View from the Electric Chair', by Vernon Scannell. (No letter)

e) 'Looking Out', by W. Price Turner

f) 'Student's Room', 'The Sun', and 'Afterwards', by Elizabeth Maslen

g) 'To One Dead Woman, About Another', 'Information About Love' and 'Lyric', by Frank Redpath, (No letter)

h) 'Bisque Doll', by Penelope Shuttle

i) 'Winter', by Stuart Conn

j) 'Incident' and 'Mirror Talk', by Norman McCaig

k) 'The Art of Film' and 'Truism', by D.J. Enright

l) 'Technique' and 'New Lines; or It wasn't Like That Really', by Robert Conquest

m) 'The Cellar', by Martin Seymour - Smith

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