Suffragette Fellowship Annual General Meeting Resolutions

Scope and Content

Resolutions include:

1. to allocate £350 each to the Conservative, Labour and Liberal parties to be earmarked solely for the use of a new woman candidate in preparing for and contesting the next General Election

2. to investigate and report on proposals to perpetuate the memory of outstanding leaders of the Militant Suffragette movement by creating 4 gifts of £2,000 each for the Christabel Pankhurst scholarship at Manchester University for women law students; the Emmeline and Frederick Pethick-Lawrence fund for the benefit of Indian women postgraduate students in the UK; the Edith How Martin scholarship at London University for women science students; and the Ellen Crocker fund to benefit the Fawcett Library

3. to place a plaque on the Paris flat formerly occupied by Christabel Pankhurst as a tribute to the French government for refusing to extradite her which enabled the movement to keep going, with proposed text for the plaque

4. to hold future meetings on a Saturday afternoon to allow provincial members to attend in recognition that the movement is a national one