Manuscript relating to the Bain Tsokto Tonyukuk stele inscriptions

Scope and Content

Draft mansucript by Sir Gerard Clausen on the Inscription on the 8th century Bain Tsokto Old Turkic stele inscriptions at Tuul River valley (southeast of Ulan Bator and Nalaikh, Mongolia). They relate to 'Tonukuk' [Tonyukuk / Old Turkic: Bilge Tuňuquq], born c. 646, died c. 726, the counselor of four Turkic khagans (Ilterish Khagan, Kapaghan Khagan, Inel Khagan and Bilge Khagan). The stele dates from c.716 AD, and is the earliest surviving specimen of a Turkish language. Includes letter from Professor Sir Harold Bailey, Queen's College Cambridge, dated 7 May 1968, giving Clausen advice on the text.


The manuscript is arranged into six parts: 1. Introduction 2. A transcription of the text 3. Philological notes 4. Vocabulary 5. A historical and geographical commentary 6. A translation of the text.

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