Correspondence with Newspaper Society

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Edward W. Davies, general secretary of The Newspaper Society, and E.T. Scott, relating to discussion of a letter from The Critics Circle, on the copyright of gramophone records sent out to the press for review, and the potential requirement to return the records to the gramophone company on demand, and a request for a comment on the subject from the Manchester Guardian, which is provided, with reference to the paper's refusal for accepting responsibility for the return of items sent out for review. A copy of the letter from The Critics Circle is included, with internal memoranda discussing the subject.

There are internal memoranda on the provision of a statutory declaration affidavit relating to statements in the paper that share issues have been oversubscribed, following an enquiry by Davies, and the suggestion that the city office of the Manchester Guardian will notify the Newspaper Society should they be asked to publish this information with assurance that an affidavit had been completed.