Correspondence with Cecil J.S. Sprigge

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Cecil [Jackson Squire] Sprigge, journalist, and E.T. Scott, relating to discussion of the terms under which articles can be written for other papers by employees of the Manchester Guardian.

There is also correspondence between Sprigge and A.P. Wadsworth, relating to discussion of a proposal by Sprigge that he temporarily take over the work of his wife, Sylvia [Saunders Sprigge], jounalist, as correspondent for the paper in Rome, which is accepted, with discussion of her health and wellbeing, and of potential work which she might undertake at the London office of the paper. Also included is discussion of Sprigge's intention to return to Britain, and discussion of potential work for him and Sylvia [Saunders Sprigge] at the Manchester Guardian, with reference to salary, position at the paper for tax purposes, and potential contribution of articles to other papers by Sprigge. There is an expression of thanks by Wadsworth for the provision of articles by Sprigge on [Benito] Mussolini, prime minister of Italy. Also included are internal memoranda relating to the payment of [a pension] to Sprigge on his partial retirement owing to illness.