Lease (and counterpart), for 99 years, if Ann Thomas, aged 10 years or thereabouts, John Thomas, aged 8 years or thereabouts, son and daughter of John Thomas of Llwydcoed in county of Carmarthen, esquire, nephew and niece of (ii) and Samuel Davies, son of Samuel Davies, clerk, rector of Lanmadock (Llanmadog) and vicar of Landilotalybont (Llandeilo Talybont), aged 9 years of thereabouts, nephew of (ii), or either of them shall so long live, from day of date hereof, for surrender of former lease heretofore granted of premises hereinafter mentioned and £98, rent 6d yearly together with (see D/D SB 16/25), 19 Sep1805; (i) Right Honourable George Venables Vernon, Lord Vernon, Baron of Kinderton, county of Chester, to (ii), Rhys Davies of town of Swansea, esquire: Two field called Caia Stigilwen Wen, otherwise White Stiles containing by estimation 5 acres and being in parish of Swansea. (Except and always reserved (see D/D SB 16/25))