Lease (counterpart), for 70 years from day of date hereof, 6s for every wey and so in proportion for lesser quantity than wey of coal and culm that shall be wrought out of and landed from said premises or any part thereof, 6d for every wey and so in proportion for any lesser quantity than wey for and in respect of other coals and culm by (ii), their executors, administrators and assigns to be hereafter wrought in or under any other lands and tenements and in working for which coal and culm any pit or pits, level or adit now or hereafter sunk or made in, upon or through premises described or part thereof, each wey to contain 216 heaped Winchester bushels, four bags of coal weekly and one bag of coal weekly each of which bags to contain three heaped Winchester bushels, 25 Mar 1786; (i) Edward Mathews of city of Bristol, gentleman, to (ii) George Pengree the younger of parish of Bisham, county of Berkshire, esquire and Benjamin Jones of Llansamlet, gentleman: Coals and coalworks, veins, seams and mines of coal and culm called Great Vein, otherwise called Gwythyen Vawr and every other coal work, vein, seam and mine of coal and culm now already had, opened or found or hereafter during term hereby granted to be had, opened or found in, under or throughout those tenements, closes of ground and lands within parish of Llanrhidian late in tenures of John David Mathew but now of William Jenkins or his undertenants, together with use of level there; (ii) will yearly during said term or so much and such part of said term as said coalwork can be worked with profit or advantage, constantly and regularly work, raise and land from and under premises or some part thereof full quantity of 440 weys at least; Endorsed: memorandum of agreement, 12 Jul 1793, within named Edward Mathews to receive from within named George Pengree, his executors, administrators and assigns of 4s 6d for every wey of coal that shall be worked under present level, in consideration of great expense said George Pengree is like to be put to on account of erecting fire engine and other buildings so as to carry on coal works with benefit to both parties. Said George Pengree for himself, his executors, administrators and assigns do promise to pay to said Edward Mathews, his executors, administrators and assigns, sums of 6s each wey of coal which shall be worked above level

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      12 Jul 1793
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