Ordinary General and Special Meeting Minutes of Durham Dairies (Annfield Plain) Ltd

Scope and Content

These meetings have been bound separately from Board Meeting minutes.Some signed nomination forms for the Dairy Board of Management are included from 1980 to 1984. There is a draft copy of the minutes of the Ordinary General Meeting of 9 January 1986, which is typed with additional notes in pencil and green ink. The final version is also included.

Two meetings took place on 30 October 1986 – a Board Meeting at 6.55pm (the minutes for this meeting are in the volume DCD/6) followed by an Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholding Societies at 7.15pm. A Secretary's report on progress made towards terminating the affairs of the society is attached to both sets of minutes.

The Committee are thanked for the "excellent" job they have done in terminating the affairs of the Society.