Board Meeting Minutes of Durham Dairies (Annfield Plain) Ltd

Scope and Content

In 1981 concerns began to be expressed about the future of the Dairies. Separate meetings were held to discuss dissolving the company. Redundancy notices were issued on 7 September 1984.

Although the Board still continued to meet to discuss the winding-up of the company, meetings became less frequent. Due to the closure of Annfield Plain, they now met at the Chester-le-Street Society. There are no Board Meeting minutes for the period 10 January 1985 to 9 January 1986.

Attached to the minutes of 1 May 1986 are letters signed by the Board relating to financial matters.

The minutes of the final Board Meeting held on 30 October 1986 have been typed but are loose in the back of the volume. Attached is a copy of the Secretary's Report on progress made towards terminating the affairs of the society.