Correspondence from Jean Anouilh to Peter Brook, 1959-1966

Scope and Content

Letter from Jean Anouilh.

Translated summary of content:

Jean Anouilh recounts that, having written to Miss Judkings to get hold of Peter Brook's address, he simultaneously found out about Simon Brook's birth. He send his regards (as 'old lover') to Natasha Brook and speaks of the poor reception of his adaptation of La Petite Catherine de Heilbronn, which he set up as part opera, part vieux theatre ('old theatre'). He remarks that audiences did not share his nostalgia and that he is renouncing putting on plays in Paris. He informs Brook that he has written three plays: the first, Monsieur Barnett, he has given to the BBC. Another he is calling Le theatre ou la vie (Theatre or Life), which he believes might touch Brook, both as a director and as a man. He remarks that he would like to put it on in London, where he feels more at ease than in Paris.

Finally, Anouilh discusses the rehearsal process of Beckett, which he has to return to. He asks Brook to leave him a note at the Montparnasse Theatre to let him know whether he will be returning to Paris; if not, Anouilh could send the play directly to London for Brook to look over.

The letter has been written soon after Simon Brook's birth because Anouilh has just been acknowledged of that. "Vive Simon!"