Correspondence between Isabelle Carré and Peter Brook, 2003

Scope and Content

Translated letter summaries.

Letter from Isabelle Carré to Peter Brook

5 June 2003

Isabelle Carré tells Peter Brook that they have met several times through Irina, with whom she was lucky enough to work on Resonances (Resonances). She states her purpose for writing to him as wanting to thank him for his book, Oublier le temps (Threads of Time). She refers to it as precious account, which drew a powerful emotional response from her within its first few pages. She recounts her own experience of anaesthetic as a child, which gave her an intimate understanding of his own story and its placement at the very beginning of his book. In an attempt to explain the connections between them and their experiences, she tells the story of two children who bought identical little knives. She describes to Brook the way in which she sees and recognises herself in his book, which puts into words what she never could.

Carré adds that she is also writing to congratulate Peter Brook on Far Away, which profoundly touched her and had the power to simultaneously bring things floating into consciousness and expand the unconscious.

Finally, she writes, she wishes to tell him that his work more generally, as well as the construction of his shows, are for her an example, a beacon. She admires the quality of the actors' presence, their openness to one another, and the overall simplicity, gravitas and balance in his productions. While she does not wish to copy his work, she sees no other method or path which is quite so righteous as his own.

Letter from Peter Brook to Isabelle Carré

11 June 2003

In this note, Peter Brook quotes The Mahabharata: 'deux morceaux de bois qui flottent se rencontrent sur l'ocean' ('two floating pieces of wood meet one another in the ocean'). He writes that Isabelle and her work greatly touch him.