File labelled 'Sinai Peninsula (Egypt) "On the steps of Moses" to St. Catherin's Monastery etc. File 2'

Scope and Content

Typescript list inside file records contents as follows: The St. Catherin's Basilica incl. all inside chapels, santuary, icones etc.; Other chapels, refectory etc.; New library and Iconoteck (incl. treasures and icones); Mosque; Excursion to Moses Mountain; Excursion to St Catherine Mountain (incl. Farouk's Resthouse etc.); Return trip from St Catherin's Monastery to Oasis Feran; Return trip from Oasis Feran to Suez via Wadi Akhdar, Maggahra, Abu Zenima etc. At head of typescript list is 'Sinai Peninsula. "On the steps of Moses" to St. Catherin's Monastery. (1936 - 1955 - 1956).'

Additional Information