George Perry on 42 years with Armstrong Siddeley

Scope and Content

His life and work in motor and aircraft industry, Coventry. Early childhood in Hillfields. Coventry Simplex, Coventry Climax, and other car firms. The Coronet cinema. The Hillman Coronet works. Cycling. The old Hippodrome. Alexander coffee house. Dunlop, top shops and weaving rooms. The Barracks, the city centre, the retail market, the fire station and ambulances. Interest in motor cars, civil aviation, TT racing and speedway. First job in 1912 at Coventry Motor fittings as a Premium cycle tester. Humber, the rugby football club. 1914-1919 Crouch Cars Ltd. Civil aviation Armstrong Siddeley aero engines. Coventry people and industry in general. 21 minutes.