Col. E. A. Rose, founder member of the Self-Propelled Traffic Association and The Automobile Club of Great Britain (later the Royal Automobile Club [RAC])

Scope and Content

Graduate engineer. Liverpool University, Professor Hea*shaw. Lord Derby. Sir Max Muspratt. Shrapnell-Smith. The Leyland steam wagon. Henry Spurrier. Leyland Coulthard wagon. Thorneycroft steam wagon. Sir David Salomons. Col. Rose’s family. Rosenheim. Carless, Capel and Leonard, petrol suppliers. Charles Cordingly. Motor Car Journal. First motor exhibition, the agricultural hall Islington. Hon. Evelyn Ellis. Charles Rolls. Joined motor industry full-time 1902-1903, chief engineer *****. After the First World War director Glaxo 20 years. 40 minutes.