Bundle of items received by Evison during his Second World War service

Scope and Content

The original order and content of the bundle has been maintained and includes letters, postcards, airgraphs, journal articles and compliment cards. Many of the letters refer to reports and journals that were sent to W.B. Evison.

Within this collection are a number of airgraphs which were introduced during the war with the Britain to Middle East service beginning in 1941. This was later extended to include other war zones. The service ended on 31 July 1945 with over 135 million airgraphs having been sent. Letters would be written on a special form, given an identity number and photographed on to microfilm. Once the film reached its destination it would be developed and sent to the recipient. Messages were able to be re-sent if they were shot down as copies of the microfilm were retained. 1600 microfilmed airgraphs weighed 5oz whereas the equivalent number of letters was 50lbs. (http://www.postalheritage.org.uk/page/wenttowar-airgraph)