HUXLEY (Dawson catalogue)

Scope and Content

Papers of Thomas Henry Huxley, 1839-1931, comprising scientific and general correspondence, 1846-1911, notably from Alexander Emanuel Agassiz, 1874-1895; Matthew Arnold, [1870]-1880; William George Armstrong, 1874-1900; Charles Robert Darwin, [1851]-1882; Anton Dohrn, 1867-1900; John Fretchfield Dykes Donnelly, 1870-1897; Frederick Daniel Dyster, [1854-1892]; Michael Foster, 1865-1902; Edward Frankland, 1857-1895; Ernst Haeckel, 1862-[1907]; Albany Hancock, 1852-1870; Joseph Dalton Hooker, [1853]-[1900]; James Hunt, 1866-1868; Benjamin Jowett, [1870]-1893; Charles Kingsley, 1859-1871; James Thomas Knowles, 1871-1908; Edwin Ray Lankester, [1872]-[1907]; Joseph Norman Lockyer, [1863]-1894; Charles Lyell, 1853-1873; John Morley, 1867-1892; Herbert Spencer, 1852-1900; John Tyndall, 1851-1894; Edward Perceval Wright, 1860-1874; supplementary letters, 1842-1931, principally Huxley family letters, 1842-1886; letters to Mrs Huxley and Dr Leonard Huxley, 1868-1931; letters by T H Huxley, principally drafts or copies, 1850-1895; copies of correspondence of Joseph Dalton Hooker, 1856-1897; personal papers, 1839-1891, comprising miscellaneous papers, 1839-1911, including sketches and bills; diplomas and appointments, 1850-1893; papers relating to anthropology and ethnology, 1866-1890, including lecture course on ethnology; papers relating to biology, 1846-1900, including notes and drawings relating to published papers on marine invertebrates, zoological papers sent to the Royal and Linnean Societies from HMS RATTLESNAKE; papers relating to lectures and essays, Darwin's works; papers relating to education, 1861-1893, concerning scientific and technical education, reform of the University of London, press cuttings; papers of the Fisheries Commissions and Scottish Fishery Board, 1858-1864; reports, notes, drawings and lectures relating to geology and palaeontology, 1854-1891; papers relating to philosophy and ethics, 1871-[1893], including material for a history of philosophy and human thought; theology and biblical criticism, [1859-1895] principally notes and unfinished essays; papers relating to the British Museum, sociology and politics, spiritualism, [1858-1894]; notebooks,1846-1894, some containing drawings, relating to philosophy, lectures at the Royal Institution, London Institution, Royal College of Surgeons, biology, zoology, publications, religion; appointment diaries, 1857-1894; drawings, [1849-1872], mainly of landscapes and some specimens; caricatures and cartoons, [1852-1883]; photographs and engravings, [1846-1890], mainly of people and houses; posthumous papers, [1895-1925], including obituaries and reminiscences.


By section as follows: Scientific and general correspondence; Supplementary letters; Personal papers; Anthropology and and ethnology; Biology; Education; Fisheries; Geology and palaeontology; Philosophy and ethics; Theology, biblical criticism, etc; Various subjects; Notebooks and diaries; Drawings; Caricatures and cartoons; Photographs and engravings; Posthumous papers. Some papers relating to HMS RATTLESNAKE have been recatalogued and are listed in T H Huxley's scientific papers.