Collectanea De Rebus Hibernicis I

Scope and Content

A collection of transcriptions etc. of Irish manuscripts. The volume contains:

  • (folio 3) The Battle of Knockton, from the Book of Howth;
  • (folio 13) Eric or Finn's forslaying according to Brehon law;
  • (folio 13b) Irish families, from 'Clogher Manuscripts';
  • (folio 16) The cries of several of the great men of Ireland;
  • (folio 17) An abstract of Pandarus, sive Salus Populi;
  • (folio 76) The General Hosting at Tarah, 1593;
  • (folio 85) The Customs, Rights and Privileges of O' Kelly of Hy Many.This was translated by John O'Donovan in 1837 from The Book of Lecan. A letter from O'Donovan is also transcribed.

Additional Information

The contents of this volume are mostly transcribed from manuscript collections in the Library of the Royal Dublin Society, in particular the Clogher Manuscripts. The bulk of the Library of the Royal Dublin Society formed the basis for the National Library of Ireland on its establishment in 1877. The Book of Howth is one of the Carew Manuscripts held by Lambeth Palace Library. The Book of Lecan is held by the Royal Irish Academy (see