Fenian Tales IX

Scope and Content

The manuscript contains:

  • (folio 2) The Mansion of the Little Red Eochy;
  • (folio 47) The Mansion of the Quicken Tree;
  • (folio 120) The Adventures of the Difficult Youth, or Thin Grey Ceatharna;
  • (folio 161) The Tale of the Small Mansion of Almhuin;
  • (folio 192) The Diligent Search for Saidhbe;
  • (folio 256) The Adventures and Wanderings of the Grey-coated Clown.

The third tale was translated by D.H. Kelly, the others by D.H. Kellyand Michael McDermott.

Location of Originals

The Fenian Tales (Manuscripts 479-487) have been copied and translated from manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy and in the McMahon Collection at Castle Kelly [unidentified].