Fenian Tales II

Scope and Content

The manuscript contains:

  • (folio 3) The Lay of Magnus, etc.;
  • (folio 8) The Combat of Carroll with Goll McMorna at Almuin;
  • (folio 11b) The Battle of the Fenians with the son of the King of Syria,etc.;
  • (folio 15) The Conflict of Magnus... with the Fenians of Eirin;
  • (folio 18) The Controversy of the Chase;
  • (folio 23b) The Lay of the Fisting Match;
  • (folio 26b) The Burning of the Mansion of Fion McCumhall;
  • (folio 32b) The Lay of the Gigantic Fool;
  • (folio 38b) The Legend of Caoilte and Oisin;
  • (folio 45b) The Chase of Slieb Grot and Slieb Gullion;
  • (folio 51b) The Chace at... Slieve Truim;
  • (folio 58b) The Chace of Slieve Gullion;
  • (folio 72b) The Bloody Onslaught of Conall Clearnaigh, etc.;
  • (folio 95) The Defeat... of Muirthemine;
  • (folio 130) The Cause of the Death of Meave;
  • (folio 131) The Death of Conry McDaire;
  • (folio 134b) The Ages of the Chiefs of the Fenians;
  • (folio 135) How Conor McFactna... came by his Death;
  • (folio 139b) A chronology;
  • (folio 140) The Death of Ceith McMagach;
  • (folio 141b) The Death of Victorious Laogaire;
  • (folio 142) The Education of Cucullin;
  • (folio 161b) The Death of Fergus McRiogh;
  • (folio 163) How Conlaoch McCuchullin was slain;
  • (folio 166) The Combat of the Fear Diaigh with Cuchullin;
  • (folio 190) The Coming of Conlaoch McCuchullin to Erin;
  • (folio 195) The Death of Conlaoch, the Son of Cuchullin;
  • (folio 227) Cuchullin, after slaying his own son Conlaoch.

On folio 2 is written the title: A Collection ofFenian Tales. Literally translated from the Original Irish MSS. in lib. R.I.Academy and McMahon Colln by D.H. Kelly, Esq. and Michael McDermott. Vol.II. The name 'Dr. Drummond' is writtenagainst the titles of the tales on folios 3, 11b and 15, whilst the initials 'D.H.K.' are on the titles of the tales on folios18, 26b, 45b, 72b, 95, 130, 131, 134b, 135 and 139b.

Location of Originals

The Fenian Tales (Manuscripts 479-487) have been copied and translated from manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy and in the McMahon Collection at Castle Kelly [unidentified].