Fenian Tales I

Scope and Content

The manuscript contains:

  • (folio 10) The Lay of Gabhra of Bemon;
  • (folio 16) The Lay of Great Leyney;
  • (folio 19) The Struggle of Ceis Corran;
  • (folio 26) The Lay of the Black Hound;
  • (folio 33) The Exploits of Fionn in the Danes Country;
  • (folio 44) The Adventures of Turlough McStarn, etc.;
  • (folio 100) The Adventures of the Three Sons of Turlough;
  • (folio 163) The Lay of Dearg McDriotchoil;
  • (folio 170b) The Lay of Tale McTreoin;
  • (folio 173) The Lay of the Children of Lir;
  • (folio 195) The Lay of the Children of Tuireim.

On folio 2 is written the title: A Collection ofFenian Tales. Literally translated from the Original Irish MSS. by MichaelMcDermott and D.H. Kelly, Esq. A.D. 1851, Volume I.At the end of the last tale is the note: 'writtenby me on the ninth day of Oct. 1807. James Brown' [referring to thetale rather than the manuscript].

Location of Originals

The Fenian Tales (Manuscripts 479-487) have been copied and translated from manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy and in the McMahon Collection at Castle Kelly [unidentified].