Bagshawe, British Expedition to Graham Land

Scope and Content

  • MS 221/1-2;MSM Map of the South Shetland Islands and Trinity Peninsula, 1920
  • MS 358/8/2;D List of stores left at Waterboat Point, Danco Land
  • MS 358/4;D Copy of letters and stores see MS 358/8/2;D
  • MS 1441/1-4;D Tide and current observations 1920-1921 [Waterboat Point, Svend Foyn Harbour, in the track of the Gulf Stream, 20 February 1921 to 5 June 1922, the first period with the Whaling Fleet, currents, tides, etc. 17 November 1920 to 8 December 1920, the second period with the Whaling Fleet, currents, tides, etc. 28 January 1922 to 31 May 1922. Ice Movements, Waterboat Point, 16 December 1921, current observations, 26 November to 16 December 1921] 4 parts, holograph
  • MS 930/2;D Catalogue of geological specimens collected in west Graham Land, 1920-1922 [Mainly Waterboat Point area, Nansen Island and Deception Island] 26 leaves, carbon of typescript
  • MS 339/4/1-4;BJ Daily ice logs (4) and notes, 8 December 1920 to 31 March 1922 [volume I, 8 December 1920 to 30 June 1921, volume II, 1 July to 10 September 1921, volume III, 1 October 1921 to 13 October 1922, volume IV, 14 January to 31 March 1922] 4 volumes, holograph
  • MS 339/9;BJ Field notes, November 1920 to 29 March 1922 [Penguins at Deception Island, Waterboat Point and Nansen Island] typescript of original
  • MS 930/1;BJ Journal, 7 November 1920 to 9 January 1921 [Voyage to South Shetland Islands, residence at Deception Island] 1 volume, holograph
  • MS 339/2/1-5;BJ Natural history notes, 14 November 1920 to 24 March 1921, 5 volumes, holograph
  • MS 339/8/1-2;BJ Natural history notes, November 1920 to 31 May 1922 [Typescript made from original ms. natural history notes MS 339/2/1-4;BJ] 2 copies
  • MS 358/6/2;D Deck Plan, 1921 [Boat used as hut] photocopy
  • MS 358/6/7;MSM Plane-table survey, 1921 [Winter quarters, Waterboat Point, copy, scale 1/2 inch to 100 ft]
  • MS 339/5/1-2;BJ Geological notes (2), January 1921 to 9 March 1922 [volume I January to August 1921, volume II 21 January to 9 March 1922] holograph
  • MS 339/1/1-5;BJ Journals (5), 10 January 1921 to 14 June 1922 [volume I, 10 January to 13 July 1921, volume II 14 July to 26 October 1921, volume III 27 October to 16 December 1921, volume IV 17 December 1921 to 30 March 1922, including notes on sea ice 12 to 26 December 1921, volume V 31 March to 14 June 1922] 5 volumes, holograph
  • MS 339/10;BJ Daily weather reports, 13 January 1921 to 29 March 1922, typescript of original manuscript notes
  • MS 339/6;BJ Geological specimen catalogue, 17 January to 18 November 1921 [See MS 767;BJ for map] holograph
  • MS 767;BJ Sketch map [Showing locations from which geological specimens obtained] photostat copy
  • MS 358/6/1;MSM Map headquarters, 3 February 1921 [Showing depots, scale 1/2 inch to 100ft] photocopy
  • MS 339/7;BJ Daily charts of sea ice distribution recorded at Waterboat Point, Danco Coast, west Graham Land, 5 February 1921 to 13 January 1922
  • MS 339/3;BJ Original topographical and glaciological sketches, August 1921 to March 1922
  • MS 358/6/6;D Birthday menu for Lester, 25 September 1921 [Waterboat Point, Danco Land] holograph
  • MS 358/6/5;D Diagram of tide-pole, 21 October 1921 [Erected at Waterboat Point base with conversion table]
  • MS 358/8/10;D Lecture notes, 13 leaves, typescript

Administrative / Biographical History

The British Expedition to Graham Land, 1920-1922 (leader John Lachlan Cope) was originally planned as a more comprehensive expedition entitled the British Imperial Antarctic Expedition. When funding for the ambitious projects was not forthcoming a more modest expedition eventuated. Four men were taken to the South Shetland Islands by whaling vassals. Cope and expedition member George Hubert Wilkins returned with the whalers when it became apparent that their goal of Antarctic flight was unachievable. The two remaining members, Thomas Wyatt Bagshawe and Maxime Charles Lester wintered at Waterboat Point undertaking meteorological, tidal and zoological observations.



Related Material

The Scott Polar Research Institute holds a number of photographs, film and other illustrative material in the Picture Library, some of which covers this expedition. The catalogue can be searched on line by going to the Picture Library Database and selecting the Enter Polar Pictures link.

The Institute holds several archival collections containing material relating to this expedition see SPRI collection GB 015 John Lachlan Cope, GB 015 Maxime Charles Lester, GB 015 George Hubert Wilkins.

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